|To Sis, With Love Series|


The “To Sis, With Love” Series is birthed out of a component of my novel, Life As Josephine. One of the characters writes letters to her good friend, sharing life’s joys, difficulties, heartbreaks, and the like. She values writing letters strongly over talking on the phone, finding it more personal. In turn, I write these letters to my sisters all over the world, identifying with your struggles and celebrating your triumphs.

To Sis, With Love – Feeling Defeated

Dear Sis,

I know my last several letters to you have been in high spirits, but today, today I felt a little bit defeated. Not every day is going to be a good day, that’s what they say. Today was that kind of day. My hopes have been high these last several weeks as I worked to get my life in order and more balanced. You know the feeling you have when you think everything is coming together. The feeling when things were promised to you. The feeling when you are on cloud nine, but then out of that same cloud comes a burst of rain, thunder, and lightning. Within minutes, even seconds everything can go wrong... (click to read more)

To Sis, With Love – Among Friends

To Sis, 

My neck bent back in laughter. I gasped for air as my belly danced in joy among my sisters, my sister-friends. We sat at this beautifully crafted table ladened with delicately and lovingly prepared dishes. Beyond us was God’s masterpiece of flowing hills. It was not short of the shrubbery we relied on to provide us oxygen. 

Oxygen is what I so desperately needed among these friends who had me skinning my teeth… (click to read more)

To Sis, With Love – Leaders Are What We Are

To Sis,

Sis, I stared out into my garden today just in time to see a mother hen swiftly walking past my tomatoes with two chicklings in close pursuit. Any other day I would shew them away, protecting my valuable crop, but today, today I stood and stared as they trotted through the garden sizing up what they can quickly dash away with. The babies making their recognizable chirping noise ensuring their mother that they were not too far behind. They were none the wiser that they had an intruder, an admirer. Yes, I admired that mother hen. Look at her as she leads her babies, her tribe… (click to read more)

To Sis, With Love – Look At You Now!

To Sis,

Wow! You have come such a long way. The naysayers have to take a back seat now. They talked about you, ridiculed you, and said you would amount to nothing, but look at you now! You have gotten yourself together, and well put together at that. Sis, I like where you are headed and I am in full support of you! I see you walking across that stage and getting your degree. I see you getting that job you always dreamed of. I see you having everything you need to be successful. Most of all, I see you happy!… (click to read more)