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Three Things You Should Know About Writing A Novella


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You may choose to write a novella for various reasons. It may be because the story you are trying to tell does not require a novel length book. It could be because you are just not ready to commit to that amount of writing. You may not be ready for that step, and in my opinion, that’s okay. It may also be that your best writing is done in short stories/novella format. You deliver the story better and hence, this is your specialty. However, by no means does writing a novella require less skill than writing a novel. At times, it can be harder. Why?:

1) EVERY SINGLE WORD MUST COUNT! You don’t have the luxury of two hundred or more pages to tell your character(s) story and provide an extensive description. In approximately 60,000 words or less, you must adequately describe your character(s), especially your protagonist and other main characters, and give necessary supporting information about them so that the reader can clearly understand and/or relate to them. This eliminates confusion in your storyline. However, you must also be brief. You cannot take up pages upon pages describing a character… (click to read more)