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Encouragement 101: The Right Connection Brings Restoration


I remember reading this scripture several years ago when I was going through a particular situation that resembled some aspect of the passage. It came to my mind last night. Here was a woman, the Shunammite woman, who had gone through quite a lot. Her son died and thankfully had been restored to life by the prophet Elisha. While still rejoicing in God’s restoration of her suffered loss, the very same Elisha asked her to go leave her home and go live in the land of the Philistines because there would be a famine in the land she lived. I am sure she was pretty happy that she got that bit of information but she must have been equally disappointed that she had to leave her home. Not to mention she had to live among strangers!… (click to read more)

Encouragement 101: What’s Your Belief System?

What you believe shapes who you are. When you believe good and edifying things about yourself you are more than likely to embody goodness. If you are negative and unappreciative, you will reflect that negative energy to others… (click to read more)

Encouragement 101: Be Purpose-FULL

You have a purpose, that is a fact. Everyday be FULL of that purpose. Allow your purpose to guide your actions, your conversation, and your thoughts… (click to read more)

Encouragement 101: Do What’s Good

You have a decision to make. We often make choices based on what makes us feel good. However, our “feel good” may not be our “what’s good”(click to read more)

Encouragement 101: Shhhh! Don’t Say What You’re Thinking

You remember when you were younger and you said everything that was on your mind?! Back then it was cute because kids say the darndest things. However, you are no longer a child. Not everything that can be said should be said… (click to read more)

Encouragement 101: Be Understanding 

It is important that you are open to understanding. Be understanding not only to others but yourself too. Often times, we are our biggest enemy. We are not patient enough with ourselves so we can get a full understanding of who we are and our purpose… (click to read more)

Encouragement 101: Don’t Lose Your Love 

When you have been hurt repeatedly,  it’s hard to have a desire to want to love and be loved. However, be mindful that true love is a gift that is pure and kind… click to read moreEncouragement 101: You Are Not Worthless

Many people secretly suffer from a sense of worthlessness. They play the role of confident very well, however, inside they carry the burden of despair for various reasons… (click to read more) 

Encouragement 101: Be Cautious, Friendship Ahead

A friendship chosen wisely can be life changing, opening doors of love, opportunity, and support. However, connecting with the wrong people can literally destroy you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise… (click to read more)

Encouragement 101: A Promise Is A Promise

Many of us may not know (or acknowledge) it but we can be very self-centered. When anything happens we think of how it affects US/ME/I/MY first before we give a thought to the situation as a whole. I am guilty as charged… (click to read more)

Encouragement 101: Confident Decisions

Don’t let someone else’s confusion become yours. It is okay to ask advice and heed to wisdom. However, some people may be giving advice out of their confusion (and lack of confidence in their decisions and where their life is going)… (click to read more)

Encouragement 101: Self – Affection

With as much enthusiasm and affinity, we have for persons we may never meet or interact with (i.e. movie stars, supermodels, athletes, CEOs, t.v.personalities, singers, etc.) we should strive to have the same excitement and affection for the person we are with every day….self… (click to read more)

Encouragement 101: Sacrifice

Sometimes our vision, our destiny, our paths separate us from what’s comfortable and from who we love… (click to read more)