becoming a better you

Hi, my name is Claytine Nisbett, aka Clay. I have written short bios a few hundred times in my life. You never know what to say at times. What about you will grab the readers attention?!!! Well, here we go again…

Where I Was Born|Where I Grew Up|Where I Live 

An interesting fact about me is that I live in the Caribbean. Well, I was born in the Caribbean, on the island of Antigua specifically. However, I grew up in New York. I came back to the West Indies several years ago. Talk about major life decision, culture shock, questioning your decision, etc. Living on an island is not only about laying on the beach, drinking juice out of a coconut. It can be tough when you are a big city girl, believe me! However, I am a fighter and I’m pretty adaptable.

Fulfilling A Life Goal|Becoming An Author

I think another cool fact about me is that I am an author. I published my first book in 2017. I always wanted to write a book but thought it a pretty daunting task. I started the book a few years ago, finished about the first eight chapters and then it sat on my external hard drive till I picked it up and finished it last year.

It was such an exciting and fulfilling event in my life. I wrote a book! My name is on the cover of a book that is on Amazon, in books stores, and the library! WOW! Speaking of Amazon, my Young Adult (YA) novel, Life As Josephine, has actually gotten some great reviews on their US and UK sites. I think it is a great read. I am not just saying that! I would actually read it if I didn’t write it. It takes place between New York and England and the characters come from places like Nigeria, Antigua, Montserrat, England, and even Madagascar. Check out it on Amazon and read the synopsis. Maybe you will like it. (smile)

My Passions|Social Activism|Community Outreach|Motivating Others  

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about community outreach. I actually get excited about volunteering, supporting a cause I believe in (i.e. Violence Against Women Awareness), and working on projects that advance communities and community members. My dream one day is to start an NGO. Knowing me, it will be focused on women’s empowerment.

Another great love of mine is to motivate and encourage others. I would have never thought of it as a calling before, but that’s exactly what it is, my calling. I can definitely imagine myself hosting workshops (which I have done before) or speaking at a conference. That’s why I keep coming full circle back to this blogging thing because I want to inspire others and myself to be the best they can be.

I Like Drinking Tea and Writing Inspirational Stuff! 🙂

Why I call Myself An Ujima Woman™

cropped-cropped-ujima-woman-symbol3.jpg That is the symbol for my site and the symbol for my life. This symbol can be broken into two. One side is a silhouette of a woman and the next is the Ujima symbol. Hence, Ujima Woman. The Ujima symbol comes from the African American holiday, Kwanzaa. Ujima means collective work and responsibility. To build and maintain our community together and make our brother’s and sister’s problems our problems and to solve them together. As a community advocate, I believe one of the principle ways of advancing our society is for us to work selflessly work together. I have dedicated this belief to my thinking and way of life. This is why I am committed to encouraging others (people like you) and to be a change agent in the community I live in and world. It’s all for the advancement of my brothers’ and sisters on this planet.