Natural Hair Chronicles: Shingling My Hair With ECO STYLER COCONUT OIL GEL

IMG_20170821_095353Please Note:  This blog will really appeal to those fellow natural hair minimalist out there and for the rest of you too. 

I know there are many other people like me out there who have waived the white flag on “product-mania”. We are no longer interested in trying this and that product, this and that hairstyle, or this and that washing routine. We are just TI-AD! We still follow various YouTube channels and appreciate all the hard work our favorite YouTubers do in showing us the many possibilities for our coily strands. We are just not interested in trying it. We don’t have the time, and if we do have the time, we don’t have the energy, and if we do have the energy, we don’t have the interest. WE STICK TO WHAT WE KNOW.

Shingling™ is a styling method developed and created at Miss Jessie’s salon to manually “turn kinks to curls.”

With that being said, I have always been a fan of the shingled look. Though I know that my shingled style won’t necessarily turn on like the folks on the internet, I am always willing to put in some effort to accomplish this hairdo every once and a while. I did this recently. As usual, I take photos just to document and have a good dp, with no intentions of blogging about what is being documented in the photo. The photo displayed above was one of those cases so I did not capture the back, but you will get the point. I also recently colored my hair ( I will discuss that in another blog).

If you don’t know what shingling is click on this link and it will take you to YouTube where you can see what I am talking about.


                     Just after I finished shingling it.


I believe the shingled look is a style that is a fun and sophisticated hairdo and looks better as the days go by. It takes some time (so I definitely have to be in the mood) but it is worth it in the end. I am all about the alligator hair clips for style maintenance (a blog is soon to come on that also). I clip them all around my hair, ensuring that all my natural locs are secured, tie my hair down, and hit the sac. When I get up in the morning, I spray my hair with my combination of water and coconut oil to “waken” it up and keep it moisturized.

eco styler gel alligator clips

Now for crème de la crème of this style! The thing that makes me even attempt to style my hair and why I did not give into shaving or perming it yet: Eco Styler Coconut Oil Gel. I can’t tell you how much I love this product. I have been using Eco Styler Gel for some time when I want to achieve certain hairstyles (back in the day when I used to be more playful with my hair). However, this particular one is indeed the truth! I cannot tell you how much I bless the day I walked into the hair supply store and picked up this product! For style definition, this coconut oil version is wonderful. I know Eco Styler has introduced other versions such as flax seed, etc. However, I can only go with what I know. For those who are curious and where product usage matters, my hair is Type 3 (I think 3a/3b). I know how my hair can behave  (not well at all) and trust me my hair appreciates this product. (I am also going to be writing a blog about this particular product, LOL). When all these blogs I am committing to is coming, I cannot say because as many bloggers know it takes time, energy, and effort to blog and I don’t always have that combination at the same time.


                              After a few days.

So there you have it! If you are a product minimalist like me, but every once and a while you want to live on the wild side, lol, give shingling a try. The style can last about a week or so (depending on your hair type and its ability to retain styles).

Speaking of natural hair, even though Claytine has a difficult time with her own hair at times, Josephine Peters, the main protagonist in her Young Adult novel, Life As Josephine, definitely uses her hair as a form of expression and it is significant part of her life on her quest to find her identity in her formative years.  Yep, I’m an author! I am really proud of this book because it is a tool that can be used in teaching young women (and women in general) self-love, discovering self-identity, and the value of positive relationships. I would definitely suggest it for you or for your young adult!


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