Encouragement 101: The Right Connection Brings Restoration



I remember reading this scripture several years ago when I was going through a particular situation that resembled some aspect of the passage. It came to my mind last night. Here was a woman, the Shunammite woman, who had gone through quite a lot. Her son died and thankfully had been restored to life by the prophet Elisha. While still rejoicing in God’s restoration of her suffered loss, the very same Elisha asked her to go leave her home and go live in the land of the Philistines because there would be a famine in the land she lived. I am sure she was pretty happy that she got that bit of information but she must have been equally disappointed that she had to leave her home. Not to mention she had to live among strangers!

However, God had another plan for restoration for her. After seven years of living among the Philistines, she went back to her village and appealed to the king for her land. When the king found out who she was, when he got knowledge of her connection, he immediately appointed someone to assist her in getting her land back. Not only was she going to get her land back, but she would also get “all the produce of the field since the day that she left the land until now”.

God is a restoring God. He is not going to leave His work unfinished. When people know you have a Godly connection they have no means but to give you back what is yours, even if they don’t want to. Ladies and gentlemen, get connected and stay connected because, in the end, you will get back all that is yours and much more!


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