To Sis, With Love – Look At You Now!

To Sis,

Wow! You have come such a long way. The naysayers have to take a back seat now. They talked about you, ridiculed you, and said you would amount to nothing, but look at you now! You have gotten yourself together, and well put together at that. Sis, I like where you are headed and I am in full support of you! I see you walking across that stage and getting your degree. I see you getting that job you always dreamed of. I see you having everything you need to be successful. Most of all, I see you happy!

Girl, woman, sister, friend, mother, auntie, president, CEO, entrepreneur, I see you dancing among the lilies in the hills of Spain. I see you drinking fine wine in your villa in Italy as you gaze upon the vineyards and fields. I see you living a good life. I see you living your best life. I support you! I support you! I support you!

With Love

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becoming a better youHi, my name is Clay. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading this post all the way to the end! The main purpose of my blog is to encourage and motivate others and also to motivate myself to live my best life. I don’t want this to be just another blog, I really want it to grow and to offer unique, yet simple advice that sets it apart. 🙂 As it grows I hope to become more creative with my posts.

In the meantime, please support me by following the blog and leaving comments. I will also be sure to check out your blog if you have one.

Find out more about me (i.e. where I am from and where I live) and this blog (i.e. why it is called Ujima Woman) in the about section.



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