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I wrote this book with women in mind.  It is important for all women to honor other women and cultivate healthy relationships among women. This novel is truly exemplary of such principles. In addition, special attention was made to show appreciation of different cultures with characters from the Caribbean, Africa, and the UK. I wanted to cross cultural lines because sometimes the person who changes your life could be born across the waters! Get your copy and tell your friends, and ask them to tell their friends!


Engaging, Lively, and Culturally Rich! Life As Josephine takes place in the 1990s, chronicling the formative years of a strong-willed Bronx, New York teenager, Josephine Peters. Josephine is confident and self-assured but feels misunderstood by her mother Frances. She rocks her hair naturally, in afros and twists, during a time when it was not so popular, especially for a young girl. Her self-expression extends itself to the African dance and drama classes she is fond of taking. She also has a solid support base in her three friends, Peniel, Rhoda, and Esther, until tragedy strikes! The misfortune brings the girls closer together and leads Josephine to another friendship with a Nigerian mother figure, Auntie Abeo.

At fifteen years old Josephine gets the unique opportunity to travel to England. While in London, the usually confident teenager starts to question her identity when she experiences direct prejudice for the first time. However, her intrinsic will to overcome perseveres. She is strengthened by the love of the women in her life, Auntie Abeo, her “girls”, and even her mother who she grows to appreciate. She also garners encouragement through the written words of a woman she will never meet, Zora Neale Hurston. She pushes forward, redefining herself as she enters young adulthood. “I am Josephine Peters and I am beautiful.” 

With an engrossing plot that is relatable to different generations, Claytine Nisbett’s new novel will not disappoint!



  1. Reading “LIFE AS JOSEPHINE” is definitely a great experience. The characters seem so alive and there are described in such a way that you can relate them to persons within your own circle.

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