Encouragement 101: Self-Centered

Many of us may not know (or acknowledge) it but we can be very self-centered. When anything happens we think of how it affects US/ME/I/MY first before we give a thought to the situation as a whole. I am guilty as charged. If you would have asked me several weeks ago, I would have said, “Me, self-centered?!” “No!” However, I had to come to a realization that I often do think of how a situation affects me first. Hard to admit when you’re wrong. A lot of us are like this. This often leads to misconceived notions on things. Often times we inadvertently manipulate a situation, without having all  the facts, into something it’s not.

Here’s what we need to do. Whenever something happens, before we make assumptions and think of how it will affect us first, think of how it affects everyone related to the situation. Find the lessons to be learned and adjust accordingly. There are times when you will be wronged, however,  holding a pity party does not lead to growth. If you are not living a life in which you intend to grow then you are not living your best life! So, the lesson here? The best life is actually not a life when our main focus is on self but when we focus on everyone that adds value to our lives.


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