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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Claytine Nisbett, aka Clay, and I write the stuff on this site. I am an author, social activist, and motivator. I am an all around passionate person.

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Giving Up The Green Stuff and My Decision To Quit Social Media… And Why You Should Quit Too

social addiction

I just sent a message. I get up, go and make myself a cup of tea, and sit back down. Approximately five minutes. The green notification light on my phone is not flashing. However, I pick up my phone anyway and hit the side button to light the screen. I don’t see the Whatsapp notification symbol on the top left corner of the screen but I tap into Whatsapp anyway. I don’t see an indication of any new message but I click into the conversation anyway and I see the person is online. I wait, expecting a response. Then  the “online” indication disappears. Wait! You haven’t responded! You haven’t given my dopamine level a boast. OH! How the green “typing…” indication makes my blood flow and gives me a ….high!

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When Purpose Meets Blogging |A Focus On Woman’s Empowerment


Although I started this blog a few years ago (and I have had other blogs as well), this blog is in the beginning stages of its consistency. My blog has an inspirational theme as regular visitors may notice. That’s because I really love to uplift people (and myself). However, there is a sector of society (all societies) that I love to inspire the most, and that is the female sector. For about two decades now I have been involved in women empowerment in one aspect or another. As of late a lot of it has been reflected in Violence Against Women Awareness Advocacy.

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When you’re feeling the worst is when you should give it your best! Aka: Keep working on your goals and doing what inspires you

mary poppins

This week is not exactly the best week for me. I am sorta a prisoner of my home; by choice. I don’t feel so great, also by choice (sometimes we find comfort in our misery). I also don’t feel particularly enthused to do one dag gone thing! I”m keeping it real here. Even when most of your content (on your blog, on your YouTube channel, on your Instagram, etc.) is particularly ‘positive’ there are times you are not in a Mary Poppins’ mood and you have to be honest with your audience.

My thoughts have not been very constructive these last few days and I have been drooping around. I am human and I will have my moments, however, a few minutes ago I decided to get my butt up, head to my blogging station, and start writing! In my stupor, I was thinking of what to write for this week’s post. I was not going to let my mood deter me from my commitment to posting at least once a week. NO WAY! I am not writing what I planned to write originally, but this post is the more appropriate one anyway.

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Get Inspired, Create A Blogging Station|My Pallet Office Desk

pinterest bloggin station

Most of us write our blogs informally on our favorite couch with a cup of tea to hand, trying not to spill it on our computer keyboard and have to go over a year to get a new one, right? OH, sorry, I’m back with you now. I was having a bad memory! Yes, so it’s cool to be comfortable when you are being creative, right? However, at times you want to feel real official, business-like even, and you seat yourself in front of a computer desk tapping away at your laptop trying to meet your personal deadline. You avoid all eye contact with the said couch knowing that if you dare venture over, instead of your computer screen you will be staring at the back of your eyelids, missing your deadline.

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