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The Battle Field of My Mind


My biggest struggle in my Christian walk and in my life in general is allowing wrong thoughts that enter my mind to take habitation. We are humans and it is not unusual for a not so savory thought to pop into our heads. The problem comes when we allow it to stay there and don’t actively cast it down. Examples of wrong thoughts are thoughts that question your self-worth and your value. It boxes you in and picks at your mind leading you to feel insecure in one way or another…(click to read more…)

FIVE THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU (My Natural Hair Struggles)



Why can’t my natural hair be like the people on t.v., I mean YouTube? How do they get their hair to behave and come out in those bouncy curls and coils? Do they take several takes before the final cut they show to us? My natural hair never comes out in dope twist outs, but instead limp stands of semi-coiled, twist-out like, shenanigans play in my head. Not happy enough to be growing right next to each other, they proceed to form single-strand knots, also known as “fairy knots”? Why oh why?! For years I tried to understand why my hair won’t cooperate with me and why it hates me so (at times). Behave, I say, behave. It laughs at me, I do what I like and that’s that. For this very reason, I prefer it locked up, refusing to let it go out and play so it can knot up again. What mischievous ways it has!… (click here to read more)

The Joys of Shea Butter (6 Ways in Which You Can Use Shea Butter and Save Money On Products)




I used to be a product junkie. Face, hair, and skin products were my addictions. I was always trying to find something that worked for me. My skin, it’s extremely dry! I always tested this skin moisturizer and that natural oil, etc. etc. My face, well I never had any serious problems with my face. I was, fortunately, one of those teenagers who didn’t have pimples and had pretty good skin (Please don’t curse me if you did, lol. My process was reversed as I do get pimples here and there now.). However, I was susceptible to whiteheads and oily skin in my t-zone. I would buy various face scrubs and moisturizers to keep these issues in check…. (click to read more)

Encouragement 101: The Right Connection Brings Restoration


I remember reading this scripture several years ago when I was going through a particular situation that resembled some aspect of the passage. It came to my mind last night. Here was a woman, the Shunammite woman, who had gone through quite a lot. Her son died and thankfully had been restored to life by the prophet Elisha. While still rejoicing in God’s restoration of her suffered loss, the very same Elisha asked her to go leave her home and go live in the land of the Philistines because there would be a famine in the land she lived. I am sure she was pretty happy that she got that bit of information but she must have been equally disappointed that she had to leave her home. Not to mention she had to live among strangers!… (click to read more)

Keep Writing No Matter What!

finish what you start

I really like that WordPress notifies you of your milestones. It is a really cool way to keep your motivation. A couple of weeks ago WordPress notified me that I had reached 50 Likes on this blog. It may not be many to some people but I was pretty excited! I started this blog a few years ago, but like many of us bloggers we may start the blog but putting up content, well that’s another story. Though I had written a few blog posts prior, it was just this past March, month end, that I decided that I would really be committed to this process. So most of the likes were gathered during this current go-round of blogging… (click to read more)

Be Your Biggest Supporter


No matter how supportive your network is, there is most likely a time in your life when you will have to go at it alone. You have to be your biggest and maybe only supporter, for some seconds, minutes, weeks, months, and maybe even years of your life… (click to read more)

What’s Cooking At Chez Clay


Welcome to my No Judgement zone. I am about to tell you about a recipe I made on Saturday. I am not a food blogger as you may have noticed from my blog. I am not a food photographer, as you may have noticed from the above photos. While I was making it I wasn’t even thinking of posting but when it was done I thought there might be some other thirtysomethings like me (or whatever your age is) that are really making a concerted effort in trying to eat healthier because we know that it is the right thing to do. Our bodies should not have to suffer because we (I really mean I) have an addiction to fried chicken. LOL. So, what have I decided to do? I am reducing my meat/chicken/pork intake.  I am not making any commitment to a complete life of vegetarianism. However, for now, I am not eating that stuff… (click to read more)

To Sis, With Love – Leaders Are What We Are

To Sis,

Sis, I stared out into my garden today just in time to see a mother hen swiftly walking past my tomatoes with two chicklings in close pursuit. Any other day I would shew them away, protecting my valuable crop, but today, today I stood and stared as they trotted through the garden sizing up what they can quickly dash away with. The babies making their recognizable chirping noise ensuring their mother that they were not too far behind. They were none the wiser that they had an intruder, an admirer. Yes, I admired that mother hen. Look at her as she leads her babies, her tribe… (click to read more)

Dear Happiness, Are We Still Friends?


Everyone’s concept of what it means to be happy is different. You may never have thought about it this way but it may very well be your concept of happiness that is making you unhappy. What do I mean? If your concept of happy is based on materialistic things that have no life energy, no ability to make its own decision, then my dear, you have a problem. Oh, and if your happiness is based on people who do have the life energy to make choices then rather worse. Your happiness is something that you and you alone are responsible for…..

When I see other women around me hurting it touches me in a special way because I know that as women we sometimes feel pain differently. Depending on the situation, our emotions take us to special places of hurt. click to read more…