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To Sis, With Love – Feeling Defeated

Dear Sis,

I know my last several letters to you have been in high spirits, but today, today I felt a little bit defeated. Not every day is going to be a good day, that’s what they say. Today was that kind of day. My hopes have been high these last several weeks as I worked to get my life in order and more balanced. You know the feeling you have when you think everything is coming together. The feeling when things were promised to you. The feeling when you are on cloud nine, but then out of that same cloud comes a burst of rain, thunder, and lightning. Within minutes, even seconds everything can go wrong... (click to read more)

Be Your Biggest Supporter


No matter how supportive your network is, there is most likely a time in your life when you will have to go at it alone. You have to be your biggest and maybe only supporter, for some seconds, minutes, weeks, months, and maybe even years of your life… (click to read more)

What’s Cooking At Chez Clay


Welcome to my No Judgement zone. I am about to tell you about a recipe I made on Saturday. I am not a food blogger as you may have noticed from my blog. I am not a food photographer, as you may have noticed from the above photos. While I was making it I wasn’t even thinking of posting but when it was done I thought there might be some other thirtysomethings like me (or whatever your age is) that are really making a concerted effort in trying to eat healthier because we know that it is the right thing to do. Our bodies should not have to suffer because we (I really mean I) have an addiction to fried chicken. LOL. So, what have I decided to do? I am reducing my meat/chicken/pork intake.  I am not making any commitment to a complete life of vegetarianism. However, for now, I am not eating that stuff… (click to read more)

To Sis, With Love – Leaders Are What We Are

To Sis,

Sis, I stared out into my garden today just in time to see a mother hen swiftly walking past my tomatoes with two chicklings in close pursuit. Any other day I would shew them away, protecting my valuable crop, but today, today I stood and stared as they trotted through the garden sizing up what they can quickly dash away with. The babies making their recognizable chirping noise ensuring their mother that they were not too far behind. They were none the wiser that they had an intruder, an admirer. Yes, I admired that mother hen. Look at her as she leads her babies, her tribe… (click to read more)

Dear Happiness, Are We Still Friends?


Everyone’s concept of what it means to be happy is different. You may never have thought about it this way but it may very well be your concept of happiness that is making you unhappy. What do I mean? If your concept of happy is based on materialistic things that have no life energy, no ability to make its own decision, then my dear, you have a problem. Oh, and if your happiness is based on people who do have the life energy to make choices then rather worse. Your happiness is something that you and you alone are responsible for…..

When I see other women around me hurting it touches me in a special way because I know that as women we sometimes feel pain differently. Depending on the situation, our emotions take us to special places of hurt. click to read more…



Cover Artist: Mudiaga Abiri |


Engaging, Lively, and Culturally Rich! Life As Josephine takes place in the 1990s, chronicling the formative years of a strong-willed Bronx, New York teenager, Josephine Peters. Josephine is confident and self-assured but feels misunderstood by her mother Frances. She rocks her hair naturally, in afros and twists, during a time when it was not so popular, especially for a young girl. Her self-expression extends itself to the African dance and drama classes she is fond of taking. She also has a solid support base in her three friends, Peniel, Rhoda, and Esther, until tragedy strikes! The misfortune brings the girls closer together and leads Josephine to another friendship with a Nigerian mother figure, Auntie Abeo.

At fifteen years old Josephine gets the unique opportunity to travel to England. While in London, the usually confident teenager starts to question her identity when she experiences direct prejudice for the first time…..

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